NYC Eats Continued...

This is a family tradition.  An NYC must try once or if you are like my family a must try once a visit.  This is as authentic as it comes!  The first time I went was 12 years ago.  I get the same thing every time and in my opinion it is the only way to order...
1 Cold Borscht  (a red beet soup)
1 Rueben with Corned Beef
(Again that is what I order the other tried some other less important stuff.)
Why the Rueben?
Because, if you simply order a regular Carnegie Corned Beef Sandwich; although large, it only comes with the meat and bread.  If you order the Rueben you get the bread(on bottom), corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese, and the yummy russian dressing.  Try it if you dare.  That is if you like meat... if not stick with the beet soup! :)
History: The Carnegie Deli, one of NYC's culinary landmarks, opened in 1937 in midtown Manhattan across from Carnegie Hall as a 40 seat restaurant.  When the original owners retired in 1976, the deli was taken over by a new restaurant group, specifically Milton Parker, who was known as the CPM - Corned Beef and Pastrami Maven. Now in its third generation of owners, the deli is still family owned and operated by Marian Levine, Milton Parker's daughter and her husband Sandy Levine, affectionately known as MBD. (Married Boss's Daughter).
Popular New York Times critic Mimi Sheraton really put Carnegie Deli on the map when on March 2, 1979; she named the Carnegie Deli's Pastrami Sandwich the #1 pastrami in New York City against 22 other delis. Thirty years later, in September 2009, Dr. Phil said on his show, "The Carnegie Deli makes the best sandwiches in the world. If you come to New York, you NEED to go to the Carnegie Deli....the food is SPECTACULAR!" The lines that began that day are still formed today and we still pride ourselves on having the best cured meats in town!
The Carnegie Deli cures, pickles and smokes our own meat at our factory in Carlstadt, New Jersey. This sets us apart from the OTHER delis. Our world famous cheesecake is also baked on premises and shipped from coast to coast. We have been featured in countless television and film productions and are proud that we are still acknowledged for having the best pastrami in town.
This year we celebrated our 72nd birthday or the equivalent of 5.54 bar mitzvah's!  From our humble beginnings as a 40-seat deli, we have tripled in size to the thriving operation we are today, The Carnegie Deli is an authentic New York deli that others often try to imitate, but can never duplicate!

3. On the street Dogs...
A Family staple as well.  I remember my first trip was with my momma and dad about 12 years.  I will never forget my father stopping on almost every street corner to eat a hot dog.  I kid you not the man consumed seriously a half a dozen in 6 short blocks.  At the time I thought it was the most disgusting thing EVER.  "Hot dogs on the corner?" I thought... Gross.  I refused to try till the second to last day.  It was yum at first bite.  I was hooked I had 4 before we left the city.  So naturally one of the first things we did... 
Eat a DOG
with mustard and sauerkraut ONLY!
Horrible Picture
Yummy Dog

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  1. That sounds amazing! I'll have to try it! Have fun!!



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