Momma B*

Today's post is coming in late because it has been an interestingly emotional day.
Yesterday this angel on earth
while on her morning 4am wog (walk\jog) slipped on some ice and broke her shoulder.  Not only in one spot but four.  We are not talking a simple hairline fracture, my dad said the x-ray looked like she had a chisel taken to her bone.  It really is hard to believe!  
Moms, especially mine, are indestructible or so we think.  But those super-heros that we youngsters have created in are minds are simple humans just like us.  As I walked into here bedroom this afternoon I was struck with emotions.  Helpless emotions.  Up until this point in my life my mom has been really healthy.  No major sickness (knock on wood).  Today was different.  Instead of mom taking care of me; which, she has done day in and day out for a quarter of a century, I was able to help her.  We brush her hair and then made it into the kitchen for some soup, chatted a bit then slowly made it back to her bed where she could rest.  She is strong!  Stronger than any other person I know.  But today she was fragile.  It was sweet.  I am glad she is my momma and so fortunate to be her daughter.  
I love her!  


My Mom

The question is...
Who is yours?  And have you told them how much you love them or how important they are to you today?


  1. OH NO!!!! I am sorry about your mom! I hope things heal quickly and she makes a full recovery! HOW PAINFUL!!! xoxo

  2. Britt!!! I'm so so sorry to hear this.:(. It is so hard to see your parents hurt. But it is, like you said, a wonderful feeling to beable to help them and take care of them just like they have taken care of us! I hope your Momma is on the mend quickly! She's such a go getter it doesn't seem like much could keep her down for long...Get well Bon!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom!! You know, I've always loved her and she was never anything but sweet to me. =) I hope she recovers well and soon so she can be back to her busy, fun self soon!! What a sweet daughter you are for taking care of her right now. =)

  4. What a sweet post. I'm so sorry about your mom. She is such a remarkable woman. Love you Brit.

  5. Love the post....but most of all I love you and your mom.



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