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,It is rare for us to enjoy a night at the theater in our home town, going to the "Big Apple" is really a theatrical treat.  I love the city equally for the food and theater.  We saw 4 very different shows while they were there.  I am going to share with you our experience and my opinion.  
Take it for what it is worth...
In order of FAV - to Least Fav
#1 Jersey Boys

Wow... This show was by far my #1 pick of the 4 shows that we saw.  It was a toe tapping, hand clapping good time.  There was some strong language but these boys are from Jersey what can you say.  There was nothing sexual, just down right good music.  The music was so great I was compelled to buy the CD!  The last night we rated the plays and each of us gave this a 9. 
In my opinion a play should have a great story line in company with killer music.  And this play had both.  
It is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Season.  How it came about, what it was like, and how it ended.  I would absolutely suggest seeing this next time you are in New York or if it happens to be traveling in your town.  Again only hesitation would be strong language. 

#2 Memphis

Didn't go into this show expecting much.  It actually was the show that we as family were looking forward to the least.  It was surprisingly fantastic. It is about a white radio DJ who wants to change the world of music.  It was the 2010 Tony Award winner for Best Musical and Score.  It feels you with emotions as you watch the integration between "the colored people" and "whites".  The lead gal had an amazing voice and put on quite a show.  But the real show stopper was the lead male Heuy Calhoun.  WOW.  Funny and portrayed the character flawlessly.  The music for me was good,  not good enough to buy the CD.  The show is definitely worth seeing.  Oh... I almost forgot the dancing!  The dancing was a hoot and there is a guy who's name in the play is Bobby and oh my word that guy could shake it!  He was double the size of all other actors but that was the draw.  He could groove and move better then all others on the stage.  Really fun to watch. 
There was not really any strong language and to my recollection nothing that would be too offensive.

#3 Billy Elliot
I was really drawn to this story line and REALLY want to see this play.  When they warned me about explicit language I thought how bad could it be...  Well, is was BAD an F word every couple of minutes\seconds and the shocking part for me was that the were coming majorly from the children. If you can get over the language then the story is actually very compelling...  Set in a small town, during the UK miners strike in 1984.  It shares the story of Billy, who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes.  The story of his personal struggle and fulfillment are balanced against a counter-story of family and community strife caused by the strike.  The second half was far better than the first.  I am happy to say that I saw it and would suggest it to those who don't mind the language and are looking for a pull at your heart strings show!

#4 Spiderman "Turn off the Dark"

Huh.  This one was really rough for me.  If I were a comic reader\lover this review would most likely be different! First opinion, LOUD call me old but it was LOUD.  The music came on and Bono (music and lyrics) was jammin' from every speaker.   Next, Four kids came on the stage and there was so much going on I was instantly confused.  I guess there are many different versions this one was taking it way back to the story of  "Aracne" the original "Spider-women".  I didn't find the story necessarily confusing I came to realize that there was just a whole bunch of content in 2.5 short hours.  There was a bunch of hype behind the show mainly due to the cost and the fact that had to retro fit the entire theater for all of the flying and acrobatics.  Weighing in on the "flying/acrobatics".  If you have seen Cirque Du Soleil there is no comparison (obviously!).  But, for a Broadway show it was pretty good. I think my son would have loved it and any spidey lover.  Not my fav.  Would not see it again unless my little guy forced me to go.  Music was okay but not very memorable!  Any who that is the short of.

For any of you traveling to New York I hope this helps!  
And to all of my friendlies that helped me prepare this trip.  
Your suggestions were most appreciated!

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