I am totally in a dress bind.  If you have talked to me in the last two weeks you know!  I am going to an event on Friday evening that is fairly fancy and I honestly have nothing to wear.  I Don't really care for the line "Nothing to Wear"  but I mean it when I say it.  It needs to be fancy, simple, and stunning.  Not to mention Classy, Modest, Youthful, and NOT OLD PEOPLE ESQUE...  
Please leave a comment helping me choose what to wear!








Please just leave a comment with 
The Number
Why you choose it
Would you wear tights
What shoe you suggest

Thank you thank you in advance!
desperate dress wearer


  1. #1 for sure! No tights. That's my vote. You've never been anything but stunning. I'm sure Friday night won't be any different.

  2. Number one, thick black tights, black high high heels. No sequins, too much attention if its a fancy dinner. Number one looks like burberry. I would pair with YSL heels. Xoxo

  3. i love # 3! i think its classy, but young and chic. and you'll look stunning in it! the others are great, but # 3 is for sure my fave.

  4. I am in love with number 1!!! I also love number 3 as well because the fabric and color is gorgeous. But number 1 is in right now and you can pull it off so good because you are so tall and beautiful! I would wear that with black tights and colored heals. With your hair straight. Let me know which one you choose! Glad I found this blog I love it!

  5. I like #1 the best! It is classy but still modern at the same time, I love the shoulders! I'd say no tights and some cute high pumps or something like that!

  6. I love #6, it's very girly. I love lace. I'd pair with a pair of blue or red pumps. Good luck with the hunt!

  7. Love #1!!! You would look amazing in that dress!

  8. #2 and #6 FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving sequins right now and I think you'll completely shine in that (literally & figuratively). I'm also obsessed with lace. It is timeless, elegant, and beautiful. I love them. I think black tights with either but more so with the sequins and none with the lace. I think a pair of nude pumps with the lace would be gorgeous or a color to pop. I can't wait to hear what you pick and where the heck you're going. Love you Brit.

  9. I like #1 or #2, maybe #1 a little more. You could do a fun colored tight like dark green and black shoes. Its very classy.

  10. Honestly you would look cute in any of those. But I love number 2 and number 6.

  11. I love one or three! I would also wear a cardigan in case you get cold. Black flats will be comfy and still stylish! Also check out shabbyapple.com for more modest cute dresses! Good luck!

  12. My favorites are #6 and #1. You can't go wrong with either. I would wear black tights with a little pattern in them. Your bare legs would freeze. I'm excited to see what you choose. You will look stunning!

  13. I like the Kardashianesque one.



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