A Frizzy Fix

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I am not much of a product head and my stylist has been trying to put this in my hair for years.  I always refuse and tell her that "it will make my hair staticky and greasy".  And that is with any product.  Last weekend when we were in LA I received a "shwag" bag and this happened to be in it.  I have used it the last 3 washes and I have to say that I am HOOKED.  My hair is smooth, less frizzy, and happens to dry faster.  What is it?

Product description: Is a unique, argan oil infused formula that instantly absorbs into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection in all hair types.  A conditioning, styling and finishing tool, it also reduces blow-dry and styling time by strengthening the hair, untangling and improving manageability.  
Price: $34.00+
Where can I get it at?
In town Amara online: Amazon

What does b* say?
I really do not use much product on my hair.  I only use a leave-in-conditioner and on the rare occasion an arisol hair spray.  It took me a few times to figure out how much Moroccan oil to apply to my hair and once I got that down, less than a dime size, it was perfect.  It reduces the frizz, leaves it silky smooth, and drys in half the time.  It also says it alleviates split ends and brittleness...SWEET.  As I was doing some research on their site I saw that they offer a Moroccan oil Light Treatment (for blonde, fine or light-colored hair).  I think I will try this once mine runs out.
Have any of you tried the Light?  If so... What did you think?


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!!!! If my house was on fire, I would be sure to run to my bathroom to grab this! hahahahaha! But seriously, it's that great!

  2. I've read about this and have been intrigued. There is another hair oil out there...I think it's by Oscar Blandi that I've been interested in as well.

  3. I love it as well. I need to ask some question though to make sure that I am using it correctly:

    Do you put it on after you blow out your hair or before when its damp?



    P.S. You looked stunning for your event on Saturday, hope you had fun!

  4. Hey Liz,
    Sorry it has taken so long to reply. You put it on when it is damp. All I know is that it make's my hair dry seriously 80x faster. I think the stuff is brilliant!
    All my best,



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