What to do?

I need some help...
I feel in love with this article of clothing months ago and posted it here.  At the moment it was a must must have but I couldn't rationalize the cost for a "fad" item.  So, I passed and have had it on my mind since.  A week before Christmas, I was shopping The "Rack" (Nordstroms) and stumbled upon this...
Same great vest HALF the price.  One minor problem... Navy.  I love navy but not as much as the natural on this particular item.  Still on the fence, I purchased it and teeter back and forth daily.  So that brings me to the question of the day...
Keep or Return
Please help what do you think
Leave your comment below!


  1. I love your darling blog. If it were me , I would return. I think the vest is sooo much better in ivory. I think you have so many more options to wear with it in that color too...black skinny jeans, black skirt, etc. But what would you wear with it in navy?

    Oh, I have been meaning to share with you a MAJOR crave/fav. Just got it for Christmas and I am hooked! Seriously, its life changing!




  2. Liz,
    Thank you for the advice! You just stated all of my concerns and I am leaning more towards returning by the minute! To answer your question I am in a gray funk and so I would have paired it with gray jeggings\leggings and called it a day.

    On a more AMAZING note I love the crave\rave that is actually what I asked Santa for and boy did he deliver! I am obssesed but wanted to give it a few days to really try it out! I was tipped off a few months ago about it and was waiting for Christmas. So Check back for RAVE reviews!!!

    Thanks for viewing! Have a wonerful weekend!

  3. No comment on the vest! You'd look fab in either one!:). I'm with you both on the clarisonic. Have it, use it everyday and love it!

  4. I saw that vest at the Rack and kept it in my cart while I shopped, and ended up putting it back for the same reason that it was navy instead of the tan. I say return the navy one and search for the other color I did and I found it on Piperlime.com for 1/2 off... Good luck:)



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