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Polls show that the number 1 New Years resolution made is to Get Fit\Lose Weight.  For me there is no better Motivation than some new duds.  In my opinion there is no better way to shed a few than in style.  Her are a few of my current 

 Price: Reg $160 best price found at finishline for $129.00

Where can I get it at
Any retailer that sale nike I found the best size selection online at

What does b* say?
I tried these on months ago and decided not to get them because my brain was set on another pair.  A week went by and I couldn't stop thinking about them.  Went back to get 'em out of stock.  I checked my go to online stores and they were out of stock as well.  Low and behold... Finishline and to my excitement they were $30.00 off!  They come in an array of colors, all very cute.  I purchased the black and gray simply because I am on a huge gray kick right now!

Reg $16.99 on Sale for $14.00

Where can I get it at?

What does b*say:
As mentioned above I am in a black gray mood but I am really liking a small splash of color.  An I think this sports bra is perfect.  Great support. Made of nylon and spandex so it is light weight.  And looks great under a black tank with my fav Zella pants. 

Need protein but hate meat or like meat and hate taste of protein powder?  This one is not to bad.  Fill it in your water bottle and take it to the gym with you. It is important to give your muscles the protein that they need!

Price: $52.99 for a 6 lb. bag
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
I don't mind the taste of protein but I found that the nutritional facts are some of the best in this product.  140cals in one scoop. 3g carbs. 27g of protein.  and the chocolate really taste chocolaty!

Price: reg. $19.95 Sale $9.49

Where can I get it?
Restoration Hardware or Amazon

What does b* say?
My Grandma had one of these and I liked using it to mix my TANG.   I use this ALL the time to mix my protein shakes.  Quick and easy clean up!  Even if you don't like protein it is a MUST HAVE if you have kiddos!

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  1. Oh man I REALLY need to lose weight! Great ideas...



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