NYC Blizzard or Bust

Happy Monday Friends it has been an a amazing few day's.  
I fully now understand the phrase "in a new york minute".  

Mr. Ace and I have been in NYC since Thursday and I have some fun finds to share with you!  We were suppose to be there on Wednesday night but there was a terrible blizzard in the city and they were not letting any planes in.  Regardless of the blizzard we wanted in and made it late on Thursday night.  I will recap the trip this week and tell you about my fav's and not so fav's but for now I will share with you my 

TSA Compliant Travel Bag
Price: $9.99
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
Brilliant!  A small bag for all of your toiletries that you carry on the plane.  Works the same as the required ziplock just cuter!

Price: $349.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I was in the city a few years back and remember freezing and being envious of the women walking around in their knee length jackets!  It is an NYC must have.  This time I packet my patagonia jacket and was very warm and very happy!  The hood is a nice accessory,  great if the wind kicks in.  I also like that it wraps around the neck if needed and let me tell ya, this trip it was needed!

and last but not least 

Price: $225.00
Where can I get it at?
Hunter or Shoe Parlor in NYC
(The shoe parlor had some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.  If you want to be treated well go there, shop online or call 1-866-466-9259 and ask for Jason.  He is the owners son and absolutely fantastic to work with!  He will hook you up.)
You may also need this: 
Hunter Sock
Price: $40.00
Where can I get it at?
Also at the Shoe Parlor in NYC

What does b* say:
For the type of weather we were dealing with this is by far the ideal shoe. Why you ask?  Even though it was a snow blizzard underneath all that snow is massive slush puddles!  Some are seriously deep.  The sock is a necessity to keep you warm the boot is a necessity to keep you dry.

And that folks is my NYC 2 cent's  
Come back for my fav rave's and craves


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