a new nite nite remedy

Night time at our house is very structured. 
Go potty, brush teeth, prayers, quick scripture study (they are 2 and 4 years old),  scroop hugs and kisses (group hugs and kisses), sing "child" I am a child of God, tuck in like a "burrito", door open, bathroom light on, Goodnight
The last two items are where the routine presents the issue.  I am changing the bathroom light all the time because they are on ALL night and then with the doors left open they hear everything and are not sleeping very well. 
The solution was found while perusing one of my favorite stores the "SUPER TARGET" <-- Love you!
Circo Love and Nature Mushroom Night Light
Price: $12.99
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I haven't every really been a big fan of night lights.  They are not really bright enough for my kiddos and I don't think they are very cute.  But these are DARLING.  The mushroom bottom is really hot pink not orange and then I got C the cutest little bird.   There are some really neat features about this light, one is that you can charge the light and then it can run on it's charge for 3 full days,two It is safe to tuck in the crib, place on the shelf next to them, and it would be great for travel!  I love the light, the kids love the lights, and I highly recommend it!


  1. omgosh! greatest thing ever! i am on my way to target to purchase these babies.

    Brit i love love love your christmas card! could you be any more amazing and beautiful?? Seriously!

  2. Okay that is a suoer cute night lite! I'll have to go get some! Seeing how we have to leave the bathroom light on for Ace as well!



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