It really is MAGIC


Same parents two totally different children!  C is calm, obedient, and all boy.  G is busy, independent, and apparently Picasso.  I spent two nights last week hand in hand with this...  

Product description: Disposable, soft pad that acts like an eraser and easily cleans dirt and grime. Removes scuff marks, dirt and tough crayon marks from floors, walls and doors. Thoroughly breaks up tough dirt and lifts it away from surfaces. Simple and easy to use; requires only water. No fumes, gloves or chemicals needed.

Price: $10.56 (8 ct box)

Where can I get it?
Amazon or any Local Drug Store

What does b* say?
Like I mentioned before, Mrs. Picasso colored on 3 walls last week, 2 different crayons, pencil, and a pen in 3 different locations.  We tried a few things that didn't even scratch the surface.  I was turned on to this by one of buddies and am very grateful!  If you have children these are a must have.  Hope you never need them but just in case.  I got your back


  1. I agree!! I've had my share with the magic erasers and they are a life saver :)

  2. Never tried these, but am going to pick some up for sure.

  3. I have a few Picasso's as well. These are awesome, just don't press down too hard. Paint will come off. But for the most part they are life savers. I even saved my Carl Bloch print with this!!! No joke.

  4. Brittany,

    I wanted to share my experience with Magic Erasers. I dont have a Picasso but used it to remove scuff marks, etc. from painted walls and they took the PAINT off too. I was pretty dissappointed.

    Has this every happened to anyone else?

    Liz B.

  5. These really are the best! Love these!



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