Holy Monday Folks

Boy oh boy does it feel like a Monday?
Yes why yes Does! 
 Carry on my friends it'll be over shortly!
Most of you may have made New Years resolution that help improve yourself personally and or professionally.  Unfortunately the "personal" resolutions are way on the bottom of my list year! 
My main 2 resolutions are:
  1) Not to screw up any Cirque Lodge  visitor\employee flights
2) Not to Screw up any Visiting Professionals Weekends. 
Just to give you an idea I make a ridiculous amount a flights and we have VP weekends 2-3 times a month.  That is a lot of planning and my solution to this problem is better "lists"!!!
And let me tell you this is my saving grace and it is cute too...

Product description:  Organize your tasks by day ,  Help your kids remember what to bring to school everyday ,  Leave notes for staff or family members by day , 60 Lined and perforated sheets of heavy-stock paper , Six separate color-coded pads spiral-bound together.

Price $19.50
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
This pad works so well for me.  I love that each day I can write down my tasks and tear them off when I am done.  I also like that I can plan the week on days prior and yet again tear them it when I am done.  I own the one above and Highly Recommend it!  I have posted Pictures below of others I would like to own! I think the "shop, call, do" would be great as well as the "me, you, you too".  And if nothing else they are very cute!

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