Bring on the NEW YEAR

The last week of 2010 was filled with a whole lot of essential oils, cough medicine, decongestants,  and finally resulting to antibiotics after a double sinus infection and ear infection.  Needless to say the year as a whole was one for the books.  I am grateful for the lessons learned and things accomplished and I only hope that the culmination of those will flourish in 2011.  I was reminiscing on years past this weekend and thought of year 2000.  I remember where I was, who I was with, what I was wearing :), and the ticking time bomb of some thinking that at midnight the world would end or crumble or something like that!  I am elated to say that it didn't and many a great year has come since.  I love the new year and the excitement it brings not to mention that Mr. Ace and I had our first kiss 6 years ago late on New Years day. blah blah blah.  Bring on the New Years the Asay's are ready  and so am I with some new fun finds.

I find today's fav appropriate for the new year

100 good wishes gold dipped beaded necklace

Product Description:
One wish is never enough! That is why we created our new 100 Good Wishes necklace. Now you have the power to multiply your wishes. Each bead on the necklace- represents a wish. Wear it long or wrap it around your neck for a layered look. 100 great reasons to wear it!
card message:
balance compassion trust luck peace kindness love strength wish clarity real miracle wisdom satisfaction imagination faith fortune vision calm beauty spirit hope integrity bliss enjoy be power live optimism relax grace forever thanks believe patience courage laugh gratitude refresh savor simplify character harmony tranquility pause restore treasure reflect aspire leap dare listen learn dream awaken build embrace support smile experience delight revel indulge celebrate seek originality longevity glee success brilliance comfort greatness unity triumph abundance health loyalty serenity knowledge joy charm warmth humor enchantment happiness contentment friendship healing freedom create begin sing forgiveness cherish protection confidence play good positivity growth

Price $98.00 or $95.00 (at amazon)
Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I like a few things about this necklace namely the length, it is 39.5 inches long and can be doubled up if you prefer that look. It is delicate and a statement piece.   My sweet mom-in-law gave me a pendant for Christmas with my initial on it and it think it goes perfectly on the the chain.  Wear it as you may you can never go wrong with a little dogeared luck!

If this were your necklace what would your top 3 wishes for the New Year be?

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  1. Great idea!!! I never would've thought to put these together but love it! So cool!



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