It a winter wonderland here...

Does you back yard look like this?
Mine Does!

is a warm one

Mr. Ace surprised me with these on Christmas evening.  I was supper excited because I had no idea.  A few months back we were looking on backcountry.com and I spotted these and simply said, "those are sweet".  Little did I know he made a mental note (which is rare) and this is what I opened...

Tecnica Vinil Boot - Women's

Price: $124.95

Where can I get it?

Backcountry or Amazon 

 What does b* say?

Well I thought two things when I opened them up... 

1) Send them back.. you may get made fun 

2) Rock 'em.. 


I am rockin 'em folks...  with the greatest black skinny jeans which I will post soon.

Stay warm and carry on!


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