It here...

Ready or not folks CHRISTMAS is here...
I wanted to share with you a current
That hopefully will delight C and G when the big day arrives

If you know me personally you know what a nut I am, a OCD nut, unfortunately or fortunately look at it however you wish?!  But I am branching out friends because I am Crazy for this...

Price $99.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I love it!  It is timeless and extremely durable which, is key at our home because Miss. G is like a recking ball.  You can add this darling baskets (pictured below) for a splash of color.  And what really hooked me was the crayons, pencils, and paint...

Oh and if you are searching for a great kids desk look no further

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!

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