A Gift for the more difficult to shop for

This gift is a fav for a couple reasons.  
First, I have a few people in my family that are a little more difficult to shop for and second it is a great way to organize all of the photos that you have collected over the year.
Big home run with the grandparents.

  • More than 20 styles with preset backgrounds and layouts
  • Easily edit your pictures and enter short captions
  • Showcase 1-4 pictures per page (up to 400 pictures)
  • Choose from five sizes starting From $12.99   $
 Price: $12.00+
Where can I get it at?
In years past I have always used shutterfly that is why I am suggesting it to you.  But this year I am using Costco and when I see the quality I will let you know!

What does b* say?
Already said it.  Great gift!

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