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What Does B* say?
Auction starts today and there will be some amazing Christmas gifts that will be bought and actioned for a very good cause!

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At this point I've harped at you so much that you are probably aware of the Bloggers Give Back Project I'm involved in! But wanted to send out one last post! THE AUCTION IS TOMORROW and we are beside ourselves with excitement and overwhelmed with the outpouring of goodness we’ve received in just two weeks!  We cannot find the words to do justice to the thanks we feel for each of you who have dedicated time and resources to our cause during this already busy season. 

As we head into the auction portion of this event, our efforts are focused on spreading the word to as many of our readers, fans, followers, etc. as possible.  Your family, friends and readers love you, we know this!  So won’t you please blog, tweet, facebook fan it and spread the word like crazy?  I've attached the official auction invitation for you to post on your various sites. We truly believe the efforts and excitement generated from our collective audiences will do amazing things for the Gubler family.
Again thank you so much for your love & support always and especially during this Holiday Season.
Jenna Rammell

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