breath of fresh HAIR anyone?


This is a hair crave for Mr. Ace and will absolutely be under our tree!
Invigorating Cleanser
Basics: La Básico: Special ingredients and tea tree oil rid hair of impurities.
Benefits: Los Beneficios: Leaves hair full of vitality and luster.
Bonus: La Ventaja: The refreshing tingle gives you a breath of fresh hair.
Details: Detalles:
Natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender invigorate your scalp and leave hair smelling great.
Color-safe formula.

Price: $49.99  (for shampoo and conditioner)(large liter bottles)

Where can I get it?
Or a beauty supplier in your area

What does b* say?
I am not crazy about this product for me... I personally don't care for the tingle.  But, my husband loves it and feels supper fresh and clean afterwards! One thing I do love is the SMELL!  It is a male must have!

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