The Amazing Coco Bijou

For all of you that have come to the boutique,  thank you for the support!  
And for those that have not, I would love to see you!  
Please come. 

Speaking of the boutique I ran into two of best buds from high school.  One taught me how to "tweet" so come follow me @craveravefav... and the other had the most stellar earrings on and although I have not found them yet, I came across these on etsy and think they are fantastic...

Coco Bijou
Hammered Satin Gold Filled Hoop Earrings w/ Quartz Crystal Briolette

Product description: 

 Hand crafted goldfilled hoops - hammered and brushed to a warm, satin finish, and accented by a lovely faceted quartz crystal briolette. Elegant and classic!

Price $36.00
Where can I get it at:

What does b* say?
The product says it all... Elegant and Classic!

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  1. I feel honored that I am somewhat mentioned on this blog! I love you Brit and your gorgeous house! It was so good to see you. Still love this blog. The Etsy shop is Tumbleweed. They have happy hour once a week and give great discounts! I love them and have them in 2 sizes in both silver and gold. I also have a great necklace from them as well. Love you!



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