What's your Crave Rave Fav

Hi Friends,

I am on the hunt for new fun and exciting products. 
 I thought it would be fun to hear what yours are... 
It can be food, fashion, fragrances, cosmetics, or anything that falls in between! 
 Please leave a comment below! 
Also I would love to know what you like to read about the most!!! 
Thanks for the help.
Much love,


  1. SO...first I love this blog!!! Second, I am needing a MAJOR wardrobe overhaul. I literally need to throw everything away and start from scratch. Too many shopping trips where I end up buying everything for my kiddos and nothing for me. Since I can't do it all at once I need a good place to start. I would LOVE a list of some basic must haves. HELP!! :)

  2. hey beautiful~i am a new follower of your awesome blog! I just posted your button! yeah... keep telling me all your tricks to look more like you! haha
    love your giveaways!!

    oh and i love Hapari swimwear!! check it out.


  3. Hey Brittany I love this blog I wish I could buy everything you post about. To be honestly I love the variety you already have just keep doing what you are doing this blog is awesome.

  4. LOVE THIS BLOG BRITT!!!! I have many favorites right now, but my #1 is this glitter spray by Tarina Tarantino. http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P254911&categoryId=B70
    I know I know, glitter is so the 12 year old make up. But this stuff is so pretty on. You will be shimmering for the holidays. I just put it on over my make up and on my chest. It goes on light and is so pretty! Sephora has been sold out of it for weeks!!!!
    O and you can blog about anything from Sassymia.com! Little Giraffe Blankets!!!!!
    I also love to read about clothing and maybe recipes! (sorry so long)xoxo

  5. I love the latest pet updates...like new sweaters for dogs on Anthro.com

    Love your blog doll!

  6. my new favorite thing is my casemate iphone case(they have it for iphone 3 and 4). It has a slot in the back to hold your id and credit card. i love it cuz when i run in a store a have my debit card, id, and phone all in one place, no need for a purse.


  7. Hey Brittany- I love your blog I have tried so many things that you've posted.I have loved every recipe, product and fashion tips you have suggested.
    A couple things I am obsessed over is the Enzo Milano curling rod and moroccan oil. I'm also not a huge product girl, but Moroccan oil is amazing it gives you a great style and calms any fly aways you have, without making your hair oily. You can find them both on Amazon and Overstock.com The Enzo is a little expensive but it gives you a great loose curl that last for days.



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