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On Friday we had some visiting professionals come site tour Cirque Lodge. 
I could not take my eyes off one of the Ladies.  That sounds odd I know, but I really could not take my eyes off her skin.  She was not young but her skin looked so youthful!  After her presentation I ask what her secret was and she said, "stay out of the sun and exfoliate weekly."  I kid you not her skin was flawless and then she mentioned that she was 57 years old.  I totally gasped. 
Here is her secret.
One I am absolutely going to try

Beta HydroxyAcid Cream (Sensitive Skin)
Product description:  Exfoliates and texturizes mature skin beautifully...and can be even more beneficial than AHA's for problem skin- helping clear clogged pores or blemishes. Ideal for sensitive skin. Beta Hydroxyacid cream is an alterantive to our Glycolic Acid (alpha hydroxyacid) Cream.

Price $19.00

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
Anyone who is 57 years old and has the face of 35 year old (with no cutting or tucking) knows the trick.   It is no secret that I love to bake in the skin and treat my skin terribly.  I am turning over a new leaf and this is one I am going to try.  The product description makes the product sound sensitive and proactive.  I am excited to try this new item out! 

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