My Fav's on this Drizzily day...

Today the morning started early...
By early I mean 5am which is not the norm for me.  
It was invigorating and a whole new experience... gym by 5:30am home and showered by 7:30am and kids feed by 8am.  (If you know me you are in shock...) 
I know really?  
A new leaf? 

After that blah blah blah here is toady's

Price $241.00
Where can I get it?
Zappos (free next day shipping)
(They are on sale 
retail $458.00 sale $241.00)
It is a can't pass up price!

What does b* say?
I have these in the regular Paige but I am seriously contemplating these.  I already know I love the style and I really do wear them almost every day!  The price makes these a can't pass up item!

Pair these beauties with...

Price $22.00
Where can I get them at?

What does b* say?
These are thick, comfortable, and perfect with boots or flats. 

Paige boots + Leggings + Basic Tee + Dream Cardigan(previous post) = what I am wearing today!

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  1. If you like black boots... you should also check out Charles David boots. They are without question my favorite boot this year and the leather is ridiculously soft! Its more a military style but to die for in my opinion. Our Nordstrom didn't get them in (surprise) but online has them and I was just lucky enough to be waiting at the checkout in Orem with some Frye boots when someone from Cali was retuning the Charles Davids... and I melted! So did the two sales guys. The brown ones are even on sale actually! But I love the black... debating if I should keep both as it is a unique look and could be overkill to have two different colors of the same boot. Then again I love both. Just thought you'd like to take a peak.... I really think you'd love them, especially on! With a girly frilly dress they'd be perfect!



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