Mulan? Maybe... But smokin' hot!

It's Friday and I have some
So, this is the hausge pausge I put together today and I feel pretty good about it!
Or I guess I should say I felt fine until my kids sitter told me I looked like Mulan.
Here it is... Leave your opinionin the comments box...

One the feet

Like I said I literally wear them every day

One the Legs

Citizens of Humanity "Avedon" Skinny Jeans in Faith Wash
Every denim wardrobe needs a basic pair of skinny jeans and this pair from Citizens of Humanity is done right in a dark wash. Team with a power blazer and accessorize with pointy-toe heels and layers of jewelry. The soft stretch cotton is finished with slight fading and whiskering. Banded waist, belt loops, zip fly and button closure. Five-pocket style with signature embroidery on back pockets. Yellowing stitching and pewter hardware.
PRICE: $163.00
Where can I get them?

On the top
Dotted ruffle-up cami
It's cami time—a classic henley silhouette crafted in silk habotai that's been washed for a cool, rumpled look,
Price $98.00
Where can I get it?
(I wore  the plain graphit color)

Over the top
Bronzed Leopard Cardigan
A wardrobe work of art—this feline-chic print is finished with smudges of bronze foil for added glamour and dimension. Merino wool in a 12-gauge knit. Crewneck. Long sleeves. Hits at hip. Import. Hand wash.
Price $88.00
Where can I get it?

Around top
Super skinny patent belt
This lends the perfect touch of cool-girl gloss to any ensemble. (We love it over a tweed blazer or an oversize sweater.) It's designed to be worn at the waist, so we recommend ordering a size up if you plan to wear it lower. Leather. Worn gold-plated zinc buckle. Width: 3/8". Import.
Price $29.50
Where can I get it?


On the eyes
Eye Shadow - Forgery

Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

Price $14.50
Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
Who cares... Rock it like you own it!

Happy Friday Folks!

Leave me a comment tell me what ya think...


  1. I think you spend too much money on clothing, although it is adorable. Seriously who has that kind of dough to just blow whenever they feel like it. Any outfit ideas that don't involve $200 jeans or dry clean only tops?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    You are absolutly right! Although I have said before and I will say again... "I splurge on basics and save on trends"! I bought my first pair of 100+ dollar jeans and I have had them since 2003 and the are still in good condition! Although I will tell you that the tops in this post were all on sale at the outlet store for half off and absolutely should have mentioned that! I appreciate your comment and will try to post a better range of products\items! I hope you have a great day and check back next week!

  3. Brittany,
    I have just discovered your blog. I am not a blogger, but there are a few that I follow. I think you have amazing taste and fabulous style. I am tired of hearing people get upset at those who have worked hard enough in their lives to have a few luxuries. I think telling someone they spend "too much money" is just a jealous way to admit you don't have any. Anyway, thanks for the ideas....Val D

  4. Britt! I think it is like you said, splurge on forever pieces! Cardigans from Jcrew last forever if hand washed, and expensive jeans fit SO much better than cheap ones and last way longer...I agree with you 100%! You work hard, you don't need to make excuses...xoxo
    ps: elizabeth smart was at jcrew last time i was in there! lol

  5. ps: is if like over-the-knee boots, try the tall shirley riding boots by frye. worth every penny and you can fold them down, too! looove.

  6. Wow Val D, you don't sound like a brat at all. What makes you think that just because someone can't afford what you call "luxuries" means they don't work hard and have all they could ever want? Shame on you for looking down on someone that may not be as well off as you and does want what you have. People just choose to spend there money in different ways and have different definitions of "luxury". And Brittany I didn't mean to put you off (the one disadvantage of typing- you can't hear tone), I love your blog advice and I'm glad you told me those tops were on sale, I love a sale! Maybe in the future you might consider posting more things about sales on jeans, etc.. when you hear about them. On another topic, I'm looking for a good tinted moisturizer. I've tried the Laura Mercier kind but I feel like it makes me break out like crazy! Any suggestions? Sorry again about the poor choice of wording, keep up the good work!

  7. Love how you've put this all together! I recently ordered the leopard cardigan from J Crew and love it. You always look stunning. I love any tips I can get from you. Your blog is awesome and SO helpful! By the way I used to love spin class and have been the one lately that has completely fallen off the wagon. You motivated me to get going!

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Just so you know, I am not rich and do not have money to spend on anything I want. Maybe I took your comments in the wrong way, but telling someone they spend "too much money on clothes," and "who has that kind of dough" sounds a little more critical that "poor choice of wording." I am not looking down on you or anyone else for that matter. I also don't believe that all hard workers are rich.... Also, just so you know, Brittany doesn't know me. I just think she has great ideas and great style, and for some reason, I just felt like defending what seemed like unfair comments from you. You can think whatever you want about me, but your comments to me seem a little hypocritical.... I am sorry that I offended you. Val



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