Let is snow

This is a winter fav and a utah must have
Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots
Price $129.95
Where can I get it?

What does b*say?
I am a sorel gal.  This is the only winter boot I have ever owned.  I remember my first pair as a kid was a hand me down from my brother.  When I received them they were in almost perfect condition even though they had been worn, and worn hard!  They are durable, classic, and simply fantastic!  Last year I took a leap from the basic sorel {all time favorite} and bought the Joan of Artic.  And I am crazy for them.  Just the right amount of flare!

These came yesterday for C*.  G* will be wearing C's hand me downs.
(and the tradition lives on)
Sorel Yoot Pac TP
Price: $69.95
Where can I get it?

What does b* say...
Seriously you should see these things on a tiny guy... Darling.  Although pricey like I said you will be able to hand them down.

Bring on the snow... We are ready!

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