Burn Baby Burn... And see

I like to think that I am an active person.  But just because I think I am doesn't mean that is the case.  I actually go through phases where I am on and then I totally fall of the wagon.  Over the last two months or so I have been on.  I have actually totally gotten in to Spin... You know cycling on a stationary bike at the gym.  Each time a class would end the teach would say "well, if ya worked hard you could have burned 500-800 calories".  I thought no way.  So I did a major search for a heart rate monitor and came across this...

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor w/ Dual Comfort Belt - Women's
Product description:
When you want to keep track of your ticker and the calories you’ve burned, head out the door with Suunto’s M2 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor and Dual Comfort Belt. Real-time, easy-to-read outputs make sure you stay in your target zone and working towards fitness goals.
Included Suunto Dual Comfort Belt is compatible with most gym cardio equipment (Analog Coded and ANT Coded)
Suunto Fitness Solution: Automatic heart rate monitoring and reporting system for fitness clubs
9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish
Price: $85.78+ 
(best price found at Amazon.  All other places are $119.00)
Where can I get it?
I got mine at backcountry
Best price is at Amazon

What does b* say?
I am obsessed! I wear it all the time!  Especially when I work out!  It is accurate easy to use comes in this color and black and is comfortable!

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