I know really!  
And it is not that bad if you have the right gear... 

I wore this today

Patagonia Women's Classic Retro-X Jacket

Product description:  Shovel the driveway and chain up the truck: it's winter with plenty a turn to earn. The Retro-X has a breathable, windproof barrier sandwiched between cozy polyester pile (86% recycled) on the outside and a moisture-wicking 100% polyester brushed-mesh lining. Supplex® nylon panels down the sides and under the sleeves reduce bulk and slim the fit. With a fleece-lined collar and a protective wind flap to prevent the chill from sneaking in. Y-Joint™ sleeves and zippered handwarmer pockets. Recyclable through the Common Threads Recycling Program.

Price $199.00

where can you get it?

What does b* say?
This is my favored fall jacket.  Light, Warm, and goes well with any color scheme!  I would say that I wear this 10 to 1 over my others.  

You might not be as excited as I am but I wanted to share with you what is in the mail....

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